Janet Goodliffe


Janet Goodliffe     Janet Goodliffe has worked for the Madison School District, since 1996 and has been
     the primary driver behind bringing many programs to the district that benefit young
     children and prevent child abuse. Janet was instrumental in bringing the PAT (Parents as
     Teachers) program to Rexburg, and has been successful in finding grants and funds to 
     keep it running smoothly. The PAT program is a program aimed at providing in-home
     education to parents on how they can better interact with their children. After identifying
     the growing need for mental health services for the families and children in the Madison 
     School District, Janet and her team received a grant to implement Madison Cares, whose
     primary goal is to strengthen the community by supporting youth and their families who 
     experience mental health challenges.

     Janet was also the recipient of the 2014 Commissioner's Award from the Administration 
     of Children and Families.

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