Urgent Need Grant Cycle

2021 one-time Urgent Needs Grant Cycle

Urgent Needs Grant Recipients:


About this grant cycle:

ICTF is more than a funder. We believe that by providing resources, training, and technical assistance to organizations that work directly with families, we lend continuity to the work you do. Our hands-on approach to funding is based on building relationships with and between grantees. These relationships act as the connective tissue to elevate the work we do into a coordinated movement that builds strong communities and families.

Economic stability has been established as an important factor in keeping families strong, reducing stress, and preventing child maltreatment. The CDC includes “strengthen economic supports for families” as a key strategy in their technical package for reducing child abuse and neglect. When families have reliable income to pay for basic needs, they have essential capacity for both dealing with life’s stressors and for meeting their child’s emotional and physical needs. Likewise, we list “concrete supports in times of need” as one of the five protective factors of the Strengthening Families approach that informs our work. The five protective factors are 1 Parental Resilience 2-Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development 3- Healthy Social Connections 4- Concrete Supports in Times of Need and 5- Social and Emotional Competence of Children. Please review this page for more information on the Strengthening Families Approach.

As we recover from Covid 19, ensuring economic stability for families will be an important step forward. ICTF as well as other organizations and institutions all over Idaho and the nation will be receiving federal money from the American Rescue Plan ACT (ARPA) to bolster efforts to stabilize families and promote family and child well-being.

The need for stabilization is at an all time high. Families are still recovering from loss of income, jobs, and homes. Infrastructure losses such as childcare has made it challenging to recover. The need has vastly overgrown the existing supply of resources and we must find innovative and collaborative solutions to begin to fill the gaps and get Idaho families back on their feet. To this end, ICTF is opening a one-time grant cycle to fill urgent community needs.

Additionally, new science has demonstrated the powerful effects of positive experiences in promoting brain growth, developing skills, and buffering against the effects of negative experiences. This science gives us insight as to how the ongoing stress of the last year, coupled with loss of the structures, relationships, and positive experiences that students would have had in a normal school year put our young children in a place where healing and recovery through positive relationships and experiences is more essential than ever. Now is the time to promote healing in children and adults of all ages and we feel that programs that address learning loss and promote positive experiences are going to be nearly as urgent as those that provide concrete supports. For this reason, this grant is also open to programs through schools and out-of-school networks that will promote education, care, healing and fun. See this website for more information on the power of positive experiences.