HOPEful Stories

Our Grant Manager, Kim Hemmert will be doing interview style stories that tie our community and our work together. She will explore the protective factors and how they make various impacts in our lives.

Let’s Work Together

Growing up WITH my Kids

You Have the Ability to Change

Jose Beat the Odds

Read her first one here with our own Administrative Assistant, Taber Martin!



December 2021 Interview


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ICTF’s former grant manager Taryn Yates, wrote a heartfelt blog about her adventures in parenting two young boys.

Find all her blog posts below:


Guest Post by Roger Sherman: Small but Mighty

Help is Just an Ask Away

Rebuilding After The Storm


The Positive Power of Traditions

The Beauty Amongst the Stress

ACES in the time of Covid



Rupture and Repair

Kids Need Unstructured Playtime

The Anxious Parent


Play, Imagine, Create This Halloween

What makes a family strong?

Find Your Village

Paid Parental Leave