July 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

ICTF Board Meeting Tuesday, July 27th

Call to Order: Brenda Stanley called the meeting to order at 9:12 AM.

Board Members in Attendance: Charlotte Watters, Jen Haddad (virtually), Richard Jurvelin, Dahlia Stender, Cheryl George, Jill Andrus, Shannon Dunstan, Brenda Stanley, Janet Goodlife, Robin Allen

Staff in Attendance: Taber Martin, Roger Sherman, Taryn Yates

Motion to approve April meeting minutes: Cheryl George motions, Jill Andrus seconds.

Motion to consent agenda: Cheryl George motions, Shannon Dunstan seconds.

Urgent Needs Grant Discussion and approval: Board decided to spend $125,000-135,000 on funding our Urgent Needs Grant Cycle. The board used geographic equity and quality scoring for all decisions regarding applicants. The board voted to fund the following grants by region:

Region 1:

Family Promise of North Idaho- $5,000

Imagination Initiative- $3,000

The Family Guide- $5,000

St. Vincent de Paul North Idaho- $5,000

Children’s Village- $5,000

Region 2:

Nez Perce Tribe Child Support- $5,000

YWCA- $5,000

Homes of Hope- $5,000

Upriver Youth- $5,000

Region 3:

Breaking Chains Academy- $5,000

Marsing School District- $5,000

Nampa School District- $5,000

Region 4:

Treasure Valley YMCA- $5,000

Catholic Charities of Idaho- $5,000

Giraffe Laugh- $5,000

Jesse Tree- $5,000

Girls on the Run- $5,000

Family Advocates- $5,000

Office Moms and Dads- $5,000

Readers Theatre Works- $5,000

Region 5:

The Advocates- $5,000

Volunteers Against Violence- $5,000

Murtaugh School District- $5,000

Region 6:

Bannock Youth Foundation- $5,000

Valley Mission- $5,000

Region 7:

The Giving Cupboard- $5,000

Clark County- $5,000

Mackay Idaho- $3,000

Total Amount to be funded: $136,000

Motion to Approve Funding Urgent Needs Grants Listed Above: Richard Jurvelin motions, Janet Goodliffe seconds.

Adjourn For lunch and Laurel York Odell begins facilitating.

Meeting Adjourned for day at 4:15

Motion to adjourn: Richard Jurvelin motions, Janet Goodliffe seconds


Brenda Stanley Called the meeting to order at 8:40 AM.

Motion to Adjourn Meeting at 11:50 AM: Richard Jurvelin motions, Janet Goodliffe seconds