Board Meeting Jul 27th and 28th

AGENDA (Revised)

Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors

July 27-28, 2021


9:00 a.m. Welcome and check in


9:30  *Consent agenda

  • Financial report
  • Staff reports

*Approve minutes of April board meeting

9:45   *Review Urgent Needs Grants

11:45  *Expenditures over $1000

Proposal to spend up to $5000 for facilitation in support of ARPA coordination    


Noon  Working Lunch


*designates action required



1-4:30 Planning Session of the Board of Director’s Meeting

(facilitated session with Laurel York Odell)


Session Objective:

  • A framework/guideline for allocation of federal funding to be received over the next four years.


Session Agenda:

July 27, 1:00 – 4:30pm


1:00pm         Introductions & Agenda Review

1:15pm         Overview of What’s to Come (Funding Amounts, Timelines, Any Federal Guidelines/Restrictions) – Roger

1:45pm         Ideal Impacts in Idaho from the Funding – Let’s Vision It!

3:15pm         Break

3:30pm         Achieving the Vision

  1. Review of current strategies/allocation guidelines – Roger
  2. What are we doing/not doing today to realize our vision?

4:15pm         Session Summary & Review of Next Steps

























Session Agenda:

July 28, 9:00am – 12:00pm


9:00am         Review of Session 1

9:15am         Determine Potential Priority Areas for Funding

  1. What will accelerate impacts most?
  2. Prioritization of areas for optimal impact.

10:30am        Break

10:45am        Defining Success





  1. How do we know we are achieving our desired impacts?
  2. What criteria can we monitor to determine impact?


11:45am        Next Steps




11:55am        Session Summary & Close