October 2021 special meeting agenda


Special Meeting of the ICTF Board of Directors

October 4, 2021

10AM PT/11 AM MT

Via Web Ex

10/11 am       Call to order

Item 1:  Decision regarding hiring field staff

We have 2 options:  We can hire someone similarly to our grants manager position for 1385 hours per year (26.5 hours per week), fully benefitted.  Under this option we can hire without state criteria.

Option 2 is a limited service position.  These positions can be full or part time and are limited based on a grant or contracted amount.  These positions require a state test and other state requirements.

It does not seem like contracting or getting an FTE are possibilities.    

Item 2:  Decision regarding raising annual grant award from $5,000 to $7500

 Item 3:  Decision related to holding ICTF board meeting either in person or virtually in October

See model attached to email.  The question is whether we should meet in person if we will be meeting in the midst of a spike in Idaho Covid cases. 

Adjournment upon completion of business.


September 24, 2021