HOPE Conquers ACEs Trainings

Idaho Children’s Trust Fund has launched a new HOPE conquers ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) initiative to train professionals in organizations and institutions that work directly with families on brain development, trauma, ACES and various other topics.
HOPE stands for “Healthy Outcomes from Positive Experiences” – a concept introduced out of research by Robert Sege et al (https://www.cssp.org/publications/documents/Balancing-ACEs-with-HOPE-FINAL.pdf) that discusses the powerful impact of positive experiences to heal and mitigate childhood trauma.
We now have trainers all over the state and below you will find a list of the individual trainings that we offer. For more information; to schedule a training with your school, community organization, recreation program, and local government entity in order to learn about and create practices that will help strengthen families and communities; or to be put in touch with a trainer in your area, contact Taryn Yates at (208) 386-9317 or Taryn.Yates@ctf.idaho.gov
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